The Lord of Fear

Episode 14
Untimely End
Episode 13

Half the party is not here so those who show up fight some goblins and giants, uncover the corruptors plot, and call it a night.

Episode 12
Inescapable Conflict

Some enemies really want to fight you. Not because they think they can win or hate you, but because it is the path in front of them.

Razurax will not stop until you are dead, but that doesn’t mean she will not stop to toy with you first.

The red dragon proves to be as formidable as suggested, but it might have been better to take levels in ranger….
Kiki-ki (a new character) doesn’t last 15min (real time). I don’t know what I should have done differently. It was a red dragon and he tried to jump on its back. Razerax has 6 deadly attacks and connected with all of them. Kiki-ki actions made Razerax have to rethink her plan and in doing so created an opening for the other characters. So, while tragic it was not in vain.

The party freed the drow slaves, uncovered a drow city once thought lost, and were rewarded with a powerful magic item customized for their character.

Except for Gazon who split the party and was transformed into a monster with a bears arm. He is finally able to confront the leader of the Black Hawk monk, who it turns out was in league with Nevith Toth, and kill him. He also saved a bunch of kidnaped children. But, when he gets back to Dragonbreaker he finds that he is the only member of a martial arts school that no longer exist. The Black Hawks have taken over everything.

Upon bringing back the coins of Nevith Toth the find that they have all six. Gwendolyn has retuned from her mission mad as a bat but with the last coin in her possession.

The ogre’s have escalated the attempts to take control of Dragonbreaker to open conflict. The Party must plan what to do before all out war tears Dragonbreaker apart.

So, Merac, Gazon and Belbee go to a wedding. turns out Marec’s family is in league with Kalreal and they waiting for some prophecy to come to pass that will ussure in the end to the line of house Dragonbreker. Oh and Merac is the chosen one. Instead of embracing this he runs like a girl. Probably the smart decision.

Also, Lady Day Delladonna is discovered to be a dragon after Belbee eats and dragon heart and gains some of its power.

What else? hehehe not going to tell.

Episode 11
Angel Summoner

The party confronts the priest of Bazin-Goreg and his 8 acolytes. These dwarves are equipped with full plate armor, warhammer, heavy steel shields and covered in crystals. It gives them a 24 AC which is the highest I’ve had it so far. Which doesn’t help them a lot verses Rinean’s full attack. Cromknight charges the head priest, which triggers him to summon an angel. lets say that again. HE SUMMONS AN ANGEL. Angels are extremely powerful because good characters are not suppose to fight them. However, if an angel promises to protect someone it does so even if that person is wrong and he has to fight people who are good.

It is a difficult battle and Cromknight slowly bleeds to death in the corner from severe wounds. Once the dwarves are defeated the angel has no one to defend and so if free of his obligation. The only remaining threat is the Bazim-Goreg’s widow.

Using the fallen priest as an intermediary Worthin uses speak with dead to commune with the window. Worthin then accepts the qeas to deleaver the mirror back to the tower of windows in Dragonbreaker.

Traveling further down the party finds massive veins of gold, silver, platinum, and copper. A fortune of precious metals are used like circuits to channel the massive energy of Bazim-Goreg. Further ahead is construct also made of precious metals and a tunnel with metal rings. This is what was intended to be Bazim-Goreg’s transport to Dragonbreaker. When Dragonbreaker falls he will move the center of his power to protect his people. But, there is more.

The constructor and guiding force behind this endeavor is a red dragon named Razurax. She is daughter to the famed Mezzinobal who died fighting Lord Dragonbreaker I. Razurax frightens the party off, forcing them to travel down the path made towards Dragonbreaker instead of back the way they came. It is a lie. She only wanted them to see what she has done to the drow who use to live here. The group finds drow slaves are the ones behind the construction of the tunnel. Their tungues cut out and ears mutilated the slavers have to whip them in order to get them to do anything.

Once the slaves are rescued the drow bring the party back to where they are kept. It is then they hear the awesome fiery roar of Razurax. Apparently she never intended to let them go.

Oh, and Gazon split the party and was captured by Dark Creepers. He is now on the surface and it is unknown how he will survive.

Episode 10
Against the Earth

8 players is alot!

The players debat out side The Monolith of Bazim-Goreg about the proper course of action. Cromknight has gone up ahead and meets the earth elementals and dwarves that worship in this place. there is also a suprise visitor. One Miss Zeedra (reported to be dead) is there as well. She has stated that she is hear to pay tribute for services provided by the Church of Bazim-Goreg. Cromknight spoke with her as well as the leader of their church. Seeking to convert him the priest did much to sway him, even giving him a book of prayers. Cromknight went back to camp seeking to convice his allies not to attack the monolith.

Worthin cast a spell to confer with his diety and decided it was not only permissable to target the monolith but the Hammer of Moradin was important to retrieve.

Cromknight comes to the realization that his mind is being clouded by the blessing of Bazim-Goreg and he has straid from the Vazzuvu. A spell is cast to destroy the the crystals in his body and a lesser restoration spell keeps them from regrowing, but for how long?

Battle verse crystal blessed earth elementals ensues.

It is decided. They will venture into the monolith and retrieve the hammer, but what else will they find…

Dun dun dah

Episode 9
The Monolith

Making their way to The Monolith of Bazim-Goreg proved to be interesting. The party attracts the attention of a flying horror. A shape shifting abomination lands among them in the form of a giant bat. An epic-ish battle ensues and Gazon is swallowed whole. Fortunately, Rinean is able to land a hit to destroy him and releasing Gazon before the abomination can get away. Marec cast feather fall so he doesn’t fall to his death (he was useful).

After defeating the abomination they made it to The Blighted Forest. The trees of the blighted forest is twisted on itself. It as a battle field with some dead, some dying, and some engaged in gruesome battle. Standing among them is one perfect tree. It reminds them of the origin of life. The First Tree, the All-mother, the mother of all Primordials. It was the mortals aggression against her that led to the drifting of the lands and the Primordial War. It was at that time Nevith Toth stood out as champion against mortals.

The tree is drawing the fog away from the land and this area is visible from a high hill. Also visible is mass with tombstones on top of it. Slythe and Worthin fly to get to the tree while the other run through the forest guided by Rinian. To Rinian’s supprise the forest is populated by actual animals (uncorrupted by the fog). The mass turns out to be a colossal zombie trying to destroy the tree. Epic-ish battle ensues. The party withstands it’s might blows and the monster is eventually destroy by the bard’s swarm (slightly useful again!).

The tree is possessed by a dryad who thanks the party for saving it. The dryad tells them that while the All-mother has yet to forgive mortals she does not support Nevith Toth and gives them a seed (the size of two fists). This is a weapon against The Lord of Fear.

From these two encounters the party retrieved the coins of Nevith Toth symbolizing transmutation and stone.

Finally, the party makes it to The Monolith. The entrance guarded by crystals identified as elementals. Worthin cast a spell that allows him to communicate with the elementals. The crystals are ordered to defend the entrance against those unfaithful to Bazim-Goreg. You can choose to show your faith by eating some of the crystals, which Cromknight did. When he did the crystals grew inside him and around him creating a connection to Bazim-Goreg and straining his connection to Vezzuvu.

The rest of the party rests and prepares as Cromknight goes on ahead to see what is in store for them.

Primordial Lords

Primordial Lords

  • Atropus(f): [the keeper] Death, Fate, Retribution, Joy, Parties
  • Bazim-Goreg(m): [the shaper] Earth, Patience, Mercy, Artisans
  • Hamnathuum(m): [the good father] Sun, Protection, Life, Truth, Agriculture
  • Heur-Ket(m): [the storm lord] Sky, Freedom, Storms, Wind, Thunder, Lightning, Hawks,
  • Nevith Toth(?): [the lord of fear] Insanity, Transformation, Nightmares, Abominations
  • Olhydra(f): [the mad mother] Moon, Romance, Mystery, Magic, Madness, Murder
  • Sal-Kairn(f): [the lost daughter] Oceans, Trade, Travel, Ships, Spite
  • Sureessiss(?): [the consumer] Family, Slime, Cannibalism
  • Ussula(f): [the stained] Ambition, Entropy, Doom, Self-destruction
  • Vezzuuvu(m): [the judge] Volcanoes, Justice, Authority, Law, Fire
Episode 8
Dragon's Message

The gold dragon’s final message; “In order for my offspring to live you must gain the aid of another dragon.”

Before leaving the dungeon/ship? the party gave the blue goblin scientist an order to cultivate food. KiYell promises to not try anything evil while the party is away.

After reaching Dragon-breaker the party immediately split and sought to uncover some of the mysteries that remain. Slythe, Worthin, Rinean, and Belbee seek out a graveyard to the north of Dragon-breaker in order to find the secret of Slythe’s family. Gazon wanders the mountain to fight bears and improve his martial arts. Merac is invited to his grandfather’s 1111 birthday. Oreg answers a challenge to his honor.

While wondering the mountains of Dragon-breaker Gazon discovers the stone hut of an old woman who eats some of her frog stew and becomes a young beautiful woman. Gazon resist her charms and cautiously moves away. The woman’s hut disappears as inquisitors patrol the area. Gazon returns to the monastery of his slain master in order to train. He finds the one that is suppose to be in charge, Lakaa (son of Saeno)is gallivanting around Dragon-breaker drinking and fighting.

Oreg is challenged by a warrior of his families own house because of an altercation at the Flying Flagon. If he refuses his honor is forfeit and he will have no say in Ogre affairs. If he accepts and looses he will be dead and no longer a problem for his estranged father. If he wins he will draw the attention of all ogres, who are moving more aggressively against other races. Oreg accepts the challenge unwilling to back down from a fight. Before the fight Oreg took a lot of drugs (murder, psycho, jet, and bloody eye). The resulting concoction carried him through the battle but strained his body. Both Oreg died on the battle field and his opponent teleported away.

Oreg, with the help of Merac, used his reputation with the Druid’s Guild in order to have himself reincarnated. Thus, Oreg Devikoth half-ogre fighter became Crownknight Kneebreaker gnome cleric.

Slythe, Rinean, Worthin and Belbee follow a cryptic clue in order to discover the mysteries of Slythe’s bloodline. They travel north of Dragon-breaker to a long abandoned graveyard. Defeating the undead within they discover this place is a corrupted graveyard of the Phoenix Court. The Phoenix Court is/was an organization dedicated to the opposition to The Cabal. The Cabal is dedicated to the strengthening of the power of the noble house, namely the Dragon-breaker house, by any means necessary. The Phoenix Court is more oppose to their methods than their purpose. Methods such as death magic and the use of necromancy to torture the souls of the dead.

Merac went to his grandfather’s birthday party with Crownknight. Stuff happened. Merac stole the magical skull (Nook) used by his grandfather. Little is discover about his grandfather and the rest of his family except they are probably all evil.

The party finally met up with The Ancient and eat the magical fruit that allows them to speak with each other and The Ancient telepathically.

The party researches the monolith of Bazim-Gorag in preparation for their next adventure.

We need a name

The Party has chosen a name for there group, as all great Druid’s Guild members do. They are the defenders of the Golden Egg.



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