The Lord of Fear

Primordial Lords

Primordial Lords

  • Atropus(f): [the keeper] Death, Fate, Retribution, Joy, Parties
  • Bazim-Goreg(m): [the shaper] Earth, Patience, Mercy, Artisans
  • Hamnathuum(m): [the good father] Sun, Protection, Life, Truth, Agriculture
  • Heur-Ket(m): [the storm lord] Sky, Freedom, Storms, Wind, Thunder, Lightning, Hawks,
  • Nevith Toth(?): [the lord of fear] Insanity, Transformation, Nightmares, Abominations
  • Olhydra(f): [the mad mother] Moon, Romance, Mystery, Magic, Madness, Murder
  • Sal-Kairn(f): [the lost daughter] Oceans, Trade, Travel, Ships, Spite
  • Sureessiss(?): [the consumer] Family, Slime, Cannibalism
  • Ussula(f): [the stained] Ambition, Entropy, Doom, Self-destruction
  • Vezzuuvu(m): [the judge] Volcanoes, Justice, Authority, Law, Fire



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