The Lord of Fear

Episode 9

The Monolith

Making their way to The Monolith of Bazim-Goreg proved to be interesting. The party attracts the attention of a flying horror. A shape shifting abomination lands among them in the form of a giant bat. An epic-ish battle ensues and Gazon is swallowed whole. Fortunately, Rinean is able to land a hit to destroy him and releasing Gazon before the abomination can get away. Marec cast feather fall so he doesn’t fall to his death (he was useful).

After defeating the abomination they made it to The Blighted Forest. The trees of the blighted forest is twisted on itself. It as a battle field with some dead, some dying, and some engaged in gruesome battle. Standing among them is one perfect tree. It reminds them of the origin of life. The First Tree, the All-mother, the mother of all Primordials. It was the mortals aggression against her that led to the drifting of the lands and the Primordial War. It was at that time Nevith Toth stood out as champion against mortals.

The tree is drawing the fog away from the land and this area is visible from a high hill. Also visible is mass with tombstones on top of it. Slythe and Worthin fly to get to the tree while the other run through the forest guided by Rinian. To Rinian’s supprise the forest is populated by actual animals (uncorrupted by the fog). The mass turns out to be a colossal zombie trying to destroy the tree. Epic-ish battle ensues. The party withstands it’s might blows and the monster is eventually destroy by the bard’s swarm (slightly useful again!).

The tree is possessed by a dryad who thanks the party for saving it. The dryad tells them that while the All-mother has yet to forgive mortals she does not support Nevith Toth and gives them a seed (the size of two fists). This is a weapon against The Lord of Fear.

From these two encounters the party retrieved the coins of Nevith Toth symbolizing transmutation and stone.

Finally, the party makes it to The Monolith. The entrance guarded by crystals identified as elementals. Worthin cast a spell that allows him to communicate with the elementals. The crystals are ordered to defend the entrance against those unfaithful to Bazim-Goreg. You can choose to show your faith by eating some of the crystals, which Cromknight did. When he did the crystals grew inside him and around him creating a connection to Bazim-Goreg and straining his connection to Vezzuvu.

The rest of the party rests and prepares as Cromknight goes on ahead to see what is in store for them.


Good job Kris, I like your ideas. They bring an excellent amount of cool ideas to the adventure.

Episode 9

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