The Lord of Fear

Episode 12

Inescapable Conflict

Some enemies really want to fight you. Not because they think they can win or hate you, but because it is the path in front of them.

Razurax will not stop until you are dead, but that doesn’t mean she will not stop to toy with you first.

The red dragon proves to be as formidable as suggested, but it might have been better to take levels in ranger….
Kiki-ki (a new character) doesn’t last 15min (real time). I don’t know what I should have done differently. It was a red dragon and he tried to jump on its back. Razerax has 6 deadly attacks and connected with all of them. Kiki-ki actions made Razerax have to rethink her plan and in doing so created an opening for the other characters. So, while tragic it was not in vain.

The party freed the drow slaves, uncovered a drow city once thought lost, and were rewarded with a powerful magic item customized for their character.

Except for Gazon who split the party and was transformed into a monster with a bears arm. He is finally able to confront the leader of the Black Hawk monk, who it turns out was in league with Nevith Toth, and kill him. He also saved a bunch of kidnaped children. But, when he gets back to Dragonbreaker he finds that he is the only member of a martial arts school that no longer exist. The Black Hawks have taken over everything.

Upon bringing back the coins of Nevith Toth the find that they have all six. Gwendolyn has retuned from her mission mad as a bat but with the last coin in her possession.

The ogre’s have escalated the attempts to take control of Dragonbreaker to open conflict. The Party must plan what to do before all out war tears Dragonbreaker apart.

So, Merac, Gazon and Belbee go to a wedding. turns out Marec’s family is in league with Kalreal and they waiting for some prophecy to come to pass that will ussure in the end to the line of house Dragonbreker. Oh and Merac is the chosen one. Instead of embracing this he runs like a girl. Probably the smart decision.

Also, Lady Day Delladonna is discovered to be a dragon after Belbee eats and dragon heart and gains some of its power.

What else? hehehe not going to tell.



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