The Lord of Fear

Episode 11

Angel Summoner

The party confronts the priest of Bazin-Goreg and his 8 acolytes. These dwarves are equipped with full plate armor, warhammer, heavy steel shields and covered in crystals. It gives them a 24 AC which is the highest I’ve had it so far. Which doesn’t help them a lot verses Rinean’s full attack. Cromknight charges the head priest, which triggers him to summon an angel. lets say that again. HE SUMMONS AN ANGEL. Angels are extremely powerful because good characters are not suppose to fight them. However, if an angel promises to protect someone it does so even if that person is wrong and he has to fight people who are good.

It is a difficult battle and Cromknight slowly bleeds to death in the corner from severe wounds. Once the dwarves are defeated the angel has no one to defend and so if free of his obligation. The only remaining threat is the Bazim-Goreg’s widow.

Using the fallen priest as an intermediary Worthin uses speak with dead to commune with the window. Worthin then accepts the qeas to deleaver the mirror back to the tower of windows in Dragonbreaker.

Traveling further down the party finds massive veins of gold, silver, platinum, and copper. A fortune of precious metals are used like circuits to channel the massive energy of Bazim-Goreg. Further ahead is construct also made of precious metals and a tunnel with metal rings. This is what was intended to be Bazim-Goreg’s transport to Dragonbreaker. When Dragonbreaker falls he will move the center of his power to protect his people. But, there is more.

The constructor and guiding force behind this endeavor is a red dragon named Razurax. She is daughter to the famed Mezzinobal who died fighting Lord Dragonbreaker I. Razurax frightens the party off, forcing them to travel down the path made towards Dragonbreaker instead of back the way they came. It is a lie. She only wanted them to see what she has done to the drow who use to live here. The group finds drow slaves are the ones behind the construction of the tunnel. Their tungues cut out and ears mutilated the slavers have to whip them in order to get them to do anything.

Once the slaves are rescued the drow bring the party back to where they are kept. It is then they hear the awesome fiery roar of Razurax. Apparently she never intended to let them go.

Oh, and Gazon split the party and was captured by Dark Creepers. He is now on the surface and it is unknown how he will survive.



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