The Lord of Fear

Episode 10

Against the Earth

8 players is alot!

The players debat out side The Monolith of Bazim-Goreg about the proper course of action. Cromknight has gone up ahead and meets the earth elementals and dwarves that worship in this place. there is also a suprise visitor. One Miss Zeedra (reported to be dead) is there as well. She has stated that she is hear to pay tribute for services provided by the Church of Bazim-Goreg. Cromknight spoke with her as well as the leader of their church. Seeking to convert him the priest did much to sway him, even giving him a book of prayers. Cromknight went back to camp seeking to convice his allies not to attack the monolith.

Worthin cast a spell to confer with his diety and decided it was not only permissable to target the monolith but the Hammer of Moradin was important to retrieve.

Cromknight comes to the realization that his mind is being clouded by the blessing of Bazim-Goreg and he has straid from the Vazzuvu. A spell is cast to destroy the the crystals in his body and a lesser restoration spell keeps them from regrowing, but for how long?

Battle verse crystal blessed earth elementals ensues.

It is decided. They will venture into the monolith and retrieve the hammer, but what else will they find…

Dun dun dah



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